Epidemiology and Biology of COVID-19

What is COVID-19?

It is a corona virus that is the causative organism of  Corona virus pandemic in 2019.

What is a pandemic?

It is an epidemic that affects several communities, populations or regions of the world.

What is an epidemic?

it is a disease that is limited to a particular community, population or a region .

What is a virus?

As per Virology, a virus is a genetic material or a piece of abnormal DNA that is found free floating in a certain environment as an inert particle. On its own, it is not even alive.

What is Virology?

Virology is a branch of Biology that deals with viruses.

How does a virus cause viral disease?

A virus attaches to a living cell and replicates itself in the cell nucleus and eventually takes over the cell machinery. By replicating rapidly in the body, it spreads and causes a viral disease specific to its genetic footprint.

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